Your Graphic Organizer Starter Kit

Graphic Organizers are strategic learning and management tools.

Using these tools, especially a library of reusable/ multi-use organizers, streamlines instructional planning, delivery and management.

This eBook provides three strategies for building this library of organizers.

  • Use the Graphic Organizers that are included on the eBook
  • Download organizers from the Web by following the links
  • Making the organizers yourself

You will develop skills to make the Graphic Organizer you need as you practice.

Often, it is easier and quicker to create the right organizer than to search for "it" on the Web.

Creating a library of organizers, or just a file folder with master copies, means that you can examine the curriculum content; then grab an organizer tool that best-suites the content.

Here is the starter kit of organizers...

Content Area Graphic Organizers
Higher-Order Thinking
Multiple Intelligences & Daily Oral...
Group Activities
Lesson Planning
Thematic Units