Structuring Thought with Graphic Organizers

Graphic Organizers are strategic learning and management tools.

Using these tools, especially a library of reusable/ multi-use organizers, streamlines instructional planning, delivery and management.

You can start now, using the tools that we provide in this eBook.

You will develop skills to improve your use of Graphic Organizers as you go.

You will notice the payoffs in more work for the same amount of teaching time invested, and better student outcomes from that work.

Imagine how much more fun teaching becomes when your students are engaged, and when you are more effective.

Imagine how much improved student learning and saved preparation time is worth to you.

What makes Graphic Organizer tools effective is that they are based upon how children think and learn. What makes Graphic Organizer tools tactical is that they can be used over and over, especially if you build a library of them..."especially-especially" if you share your library with your colleagues.

This eBook includes all the tools that you will need to get you started. Just add your creativity and imagination.